I want to run a light textboard in I2P.

1 2019-02-17 09:26

If you don't know what I2P is, it's a secure, anonymous underground railroad of the internet.

I'm building a small website in I2P. The I2P software comes with it's own built in server. I want to run a small anonymous textboard like we all know and love on the website so people can report problems to ask to have things added to it.

I ran an anonmous textboard years ago, I used kareha. For kareha all you have to do to make it work is chmod the .pl file to 755 and it just works. There's a moderation side to delete spam and a basic captcha that works well enough. That was about 8 years ago for me and I'd like to use something else.

The way people build websites in low bandwidth networks like I2P is generally brutalist and javascript-less. I've love to have a light javascript-less textboard like this one on my I2P site, I'm considering this software and HiveBBS but I have a couple problems.

1. While both HiveBBS and this sites are very light and brutalist in design, I have NO clue how to actually make them work on the I2P web server. HiveBBS seems to have a complicated setup even without including I2P in the mix.

2. I'm pretty sure that both this software and HiveBBS don't have simple captchas like what Kareha has.

So, what should I do? Is there some other software I should use? How would one make it work with I2Ps internal server?



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