1 2018-11-13 11:51

What are you reading?
I have found a bunch of short stories by Horacio Quiroga. It's pleasant.

2 2018-11-13 13:25

I recently finished ``The Three-Body Problem'', by Cixin Liu. I really enjoyed it and I plan to read the other books in the trilogy soon.

3 2018-11-13 19:26

I've put it on my list. First heard about it in an episode of some podcast I listen to. I've been evading anything Chinese Sci-Fi as yet, but I'm trying to read a some of this stuff at least, because other persons seem to like it and I'm another person and maybe I'm one of those other persons.

I also read an [article]( about Cixin Liu a few weeks ago (warning: German language & commercial newspaper). He appears to have an interesting biography: Worked a dead-end office job in a water energy plant, got bored and used his mostly idle hours at work to write. Claims not having written anything substantial for many years, though, as he seems to suffer from some sort of writer's block, at least in terms of epic Sci-Fi stuff, if I recall correctly.

It's funny how he appears to have adopted a rather "Not my department" attitude. He's member of several of the Party's cultural commissions and so forth, and ostensibly does not really care to much about day-to-day politics. Reeks of opportunism, but who am I to contrive of such allegations.

I think he has a case by pointing out "The West's" hypocrisy, though, as not only the Chinese tread on civil/human rights. Mass electronic eavesdropping, for example, is a Western invention, and the Chinese govt. adopted it. Social credit scores govern whether I can take a loan or not and are not exactly China specific. My goverment is just not as blunt and does not call it that way, or outsources its work to paypal et al.

Anyway, I digress. Just wanted to write something on this nice late autumn evening before my comfy little evening walk. It's dark already. When I walk along the maple-lined avenues, illuminated by the melliferous streetlights, auburn leaves rustle under my steps and whirl up sweet and bitter fragrances. It's quite rainy these days and my red windbreaker keeps me warm.

Just like this textboard. Pretty ergonomic, and fashionably lean overall. Keep it up. Thanks!

4 2018-11-15 05:59

yup, this is good.

I've just started on Toni Morrison's "Song of Solomon".

5 2018-11-24 15:46

Reading Kino no Tabi vol 1. So far, so good.

6 2018-11-28 05:58

About 2/3rd into C&P. I might pick up The Idiot or W&P next. Almost finished with the first Ripley novel, and will likely continue with the author's other novels. Also about 200 pages into Dancing in the Glory of Monsters, I should continue with that one.

7 2018-12-13 06:53

The Accusation by Bandi, a collection of short stories smuggled out of North Korea.

Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman by Haruki Murakami, a collection of short stories from Japan translated by two Americans.

Turning The Eye by Patricia Grace, a collection of short stories from New Zealand with academic commentary.

8 2018-12-25 04:26

Timothy Morton

2007 - Ecology Without Nature: Rethinking Environmental Aesthetics
2010 - The Ecological Thought
2013 - Realist Magic: Objects, Ontology, Causality
2013 - Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology after the End of the World
2016 - Dark Ecology: For a Logic of Future Coexistence
2017 - Humankind: Solidarity with Non-Human People
2018 - Being Ecological

9 2019-01-02 17:02 *

Snow Crash. The author foresaw (or inspired) everything that we have today, so it's almost kind of boring.
Still impressive and very nicely written.

I regret not having read it on time.

10 2019-01-04 20:14

Serotonine - Houellebecq

11 2019-01-23 11:55

Le Français par la méthode nature, by Arthur M. Jensen. I'm still in chapter 2, but I love the fact that I don't need to use a dictionary.

12 2019-01-24 02:10

Count of Monte Cristo

13 2019-01-28 09:13

just finished Players by Don DeLillo

next up By Night In Chile by Roberto Bolaño

14 2019-02-10 01:38

Are you interested in a /fr/ench board right here by chance?



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