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E-reader device suggestions please

1 2021-01-03 16:08

I'm looking for a reasonably private e-reader/note taking device

I will only read documents/books without DRM, probably PDFs and EPUBs and will not use any subscription/library service with it.
It would be nice if I could write down a thought on it and manage it all easily over USB.
I will not be connecting wirelessly.

NECESSARY features:
* Must not phone home or to 3rd party.
It's OK if this can be disabled or if there's a working guide on how to hack/mod it.
* Must be able to upload/manage (DRM-free) books/documents via USB,
no proprietary apps needed. Calibre is OK.
* Must have good support for various formats, especially EPUB and PDF.
* Lit display (I could possibly go without this feature).
* E-paper(-like) display, not LCD.
* At least a few days of battery time.
* Should not be super slow to use. Up to 1 second to display a page is OK.

Is that reasonable?

NICE TO HAVE features:
* Be able to take notes.
* Support for "txt", "md" (or similar) plain text format.
* As simple / dumb OS as possible (no "app store"), but if there's a "community" software / mod / project for it - it would be welcome.
* SD card.
* No need to "register" the device before it can be used.
* Preferably no bluetooth.
* Preferably no wi-fi (or can be disabled).
* Would not like to spend more than 250$, unless you feel it would really make a difference regarding my needs

Any suggestions? Thanks!



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