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Trump Crossing the Rubicon

1 2020-11-11 12:16

President Donald Trump's firing of Defense Secretary Marc Esper has broadened into a broader Pentagon purge, with senior civilian officials departing and Trump loyalists coming in.
We're in some pretty complex timeline;
Trump still has millions of supporters, on which a dictator could build an elite class, think banana republic loyalists,
there is ambiguity in the election so these 'loyalists' will not
view the upcoming events as treason but as Caesar crossing the Rubicon to 'sort things out by force' and accept his rule.

I'm not saying he'll directly try a palace-coup type takeover, but
there will be something to justify that takeover fabricated as Reichstag's fire was used to install emergency laws in former Weimar republic. Basically, the situation is loaded with concrete possibility that given some excuse, Trump will take on dictatorial power by decree(executive orders) in response to something(like proven election fraud or some perceived criminal acts by opposition). Do you feel this becoming reality?



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