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8 2020-10-18 10:37

Thinking can be simulated or illusory, since the perception of thinking is not equivalent to thinking itself.

Декарт - крут:

Cogito ergo sum is bullshit, lets debug this;
1. I observe 'Descartes' thinking, a mental perception (This is discussed in Buddhism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mental_factors_(Buddhism) )
1b. I assume that perception of thinking process is equivalent to thinking.
2.I Attribute the identity of 'Descartes' to the thinking object
2a. ..and identify it with myself. How can 'Descartes' thinking process observe another mental process and attribute both processes to his identity?
3.I assume that the thinking object has to manifest materially to perform thinking. This is the idea that thinking can be encoded as sense-perception of non-material energy(perhaps electromagnetic waves) which are interpreted as 'thinking illusion'



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