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The Trans/TERF Debates

12 2020-10-15 10:57

I'll go against the consensus here and say that so-called "TERF"s, or radical feminists, are right. I've been reading their blogs and forums, and for the most part their analysis is solid (I'm of course going to disagree that men are inherently evil, but I understand that for some, their experiences lead them to that conclusion; The accusations that all mean do X is mistakenly used instead of most people who do X are men, etc.).

Second are ideological gender supremacists that are now forced to compete for victim class status

Radical feminists are usually opposed to "gender" as a concept. They argue sex, as biological category, is more essential to their struggle. And I do think that this is an honest struggle, and as such isn't focused on "victim class status".
It's often misconceived, that Feminism is just about equality. It's part of it, for sure, as part of a wider humanist project. But Feminism is also critically concerned with what separates women: Nobody is advocating for equal abortion rights for men and woman. Breast cancer disproportionately affects women. Domestic violence hits women harder then men. etc.

TERFs are not liberals, they are reactionaries who believe in gender essentialism bullshit.

They are sex existentialists, as there is a real difference between man and woman, that should be acknowledged. They are probably closed to what you call "gender nihilism", as they agree that gender non-conformity/LGB is totally fine.



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