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COVID-19 & Masks & mis-information

1 2020-08-16 18:28

What are your thoughts on COVID-19 & Masks & mis-information?

Do you feel like you can easily determine the truth? If so, how?

Some people claim COVID-19 is a complete hoax, despite that would require every government worldwide having either fallen for it or be complicit in this hoax.

Some people claim masks are useless or unhealthy. Others claim areas and cultures that regularly use masks when having any symptom of sickness have already largely recovered (ex. Japan).

Some people claim mask usage helps with privacy and protects to some degree against facial recognition. That clearly incentives some corporations and anti-privacy advocates (hard on crime type people) to oppose mask usage.

Some people claim that that common cold and the flu are being intentional misdiagnosed as COVID-19. Why would this be done? Who benefits? The yearly flu vaccine already makes money, such the producers of that vaccine would lose money? At least until they can sell the COVID-19 vaccine? Big-tech and billionaires are making money, but their money is also worth less with the large uptick in inflation (maybe that doesn't matter with their investments being in things other than money?).

Some people claim that the number of deaths are being inflated by intentionally misattributing other causes of death as COVID-19. Some people claim that doing this in financial advantageous for the hospitals.

I probably have heard a lot of other information/misinformation, but I don't know what to believe. I don't think anything anyone tells me will be able to convince me that I am actually able to verify things for myself, but at least I can try to get a better understanding of why and where mis-information is coming from.



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