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Getting things done

8 2020-08-02 18:39

Of course I use org-mode like all highly successful people. I have a file for my daily tasks, every morning I make a heading for the day and put under it everything I want to get done that day. Usually it's not very long and sometimes I modify it during the day. I schedule all the tasks for the day and use the agenda view to manage them. I also have some recurring tasks set up (like daily Anki reviews) using org-habit and the agenda view also shows birthdays and other important dates that I have set up (using org-anniversary). In university I would also set up deadlines for assignments, tests and exams. Back then I used to track the time I spent studying using org-clock but I don't do that anymore.

I only do these at home, at work I am back to the simple daily todo list. Maybe I should start tracking my time there.



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