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The realization of one's true self-value

13 2020-07-16 07:46


Can you do anything about it? Does not seem like it. So you can either get depressed about it or simply use your time on something more pleasant.

Regarding being bad at stuff: So what? On one hand you are surely not getting better if you avoid it and on the other considering a considerable portion of humanity lacks a second braincell it's not like you are going to stick out in a negative way as long as you are just bad or even mediocre.

Only the anime i am not sure about. Is this really how you want to spend your day? Looking at stories about exaggerated characters whose life is full of meaning? If you keep your mental distance fine but i figure it might give you some wrong expectations. 99.99999% of this planets population isn't heroes or important or anything and they never will be. Still it's perfectly OK.



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