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Re-implementing Kakoune

11 2020-10-15 00:07

You know it was actually several months ago that I tried it, even the master branch has seen a number of changes since then. It really does have a lot of potentially, and I really wanted it to be a part of my workflow even if it took a while to adjust to.

Unfortunately, despite the progress in the branches and in master, this was during the start of last month, the last commit was at the start of this month was the following: https://github.com/clemera/objed/commit/70f9fb5e0aa1627b0afc7c6b3d0aea9bac70a210 I wonder if this refers to all branches or just master?

In any case I'd encourage others and probably myself to give it a try, it very well might have had the problems I experienced when I gave it a go resolved, or it might be that they wouldn't be problems for you. It does take some time to adjust to so you should try to be patient if you do try it.

(I'm not sure if others here agree, but I actually really wish this project wasn't modal, and had generic operations text-objects which were just inferred from context.)



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