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Lisp beginner thread

89 2021-01-05 16:39 *

My only exposure to interpreters is through The Little Schemer, The Seasoned Schemer, and SICP, although I think I have a fairly good undestanding of these implementations. I've now read the table of contents and the introductions to both texts. The impression I get is that EOPL is more concerned with the decomposition of the language into managable smaller languages (or notations) while LiSP is concerned with the design of dialects, compilers, and interpreters in the Lisp family with an eye towards compromise between expressiveness and efficiency. It also seems that LiSP goes into the transformations which are explicitly stated to be out of the scope of EOPL.

With this in mind it seems to me that EOPL is far closer to the Scheme research program and for this reason is likely a better fit for me for now. They both seem valuable though for different topics, EOPL concerns breaking down complex problems into DSLs and only happens to be about writting a Lisp interpreter while LiSP is about the design and implementation of Lisps.



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