Why are comfy venues like this so dead?

1 2019-12-02 16:26

As far as my taste goes, this board would rank as the top spot for prog chit-chat, over the faux-cypherpunk style imageboards and naturally over the well-known and much more popular and frequented not-so-anon/ephemeral vote-each-others places with account names.

But why is this so niche? A small handful of threads a day would be just nice without overloading our capacities, but it looks more like an even smaller handful of threads a month here.

Programming continues to grow leaps and bounds in terms of "quantity of players" as it has since it first arrived on the planet as an activity, yet proper comfy places like this whither and scramble. Though they're much better suited for focusing on topic with much less or regard to to others' or own identity/ego (votes / account names / avatar pics etc). Not to kick off the good ole obvious quantity/quality discussion (though.. why not, it's quiet enough already here)...

Text-based, pure content & knowledge, identifying truths and falsehoods. Weren't those the "pillars of programmers" once? Why are they all peacocking around elsewhere, debating the relative bells & whistles, glitz & glamour of various semi-related shiny-hypes-of-the-moment..

Sure, then there's the crowd that just lives in code because all chit-chat is ultimately leading nowhere. Fair enough, that's me 99.9% of the time. And other leisurely diversions for the occasional badly-needed brain-recharge abound. Still, I was pondering and since not much talk pervades this place (peaceful, in a way), why not share the pondering, like once in a decade..



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