itt: we talk about random java stuff

1 2019-06-28 22:01

I use actual primitives like bool instead of classes like Boolean

2 2019-08-26 12:56

I hate java
It is a symbol of codemonkey enterprise programming
I will stick to haskell and lisp, thank you very much

3 2019-08-28 04:39

What about Klong,

4 2019-09-15 17:40

does this work?

5 2019-10-04 20:23

errr, what does this do?

Ahhh, crap so much to do and so little time!

6 2019-10-05 10:08

Even worse than sepples!

7 2019-10-05 13:43

The thing I appreciate about java is that it has the perception of being very stable, reliable, and very backward compatible.

The thing I hate about java is that, in reality, it sux. Stability, reliability, and backward compatibility has more to do with the apps developed on top of java than of the language or runtime itself.

8 2019-10-06 15:45

VM is coolio
Language not so

9 2019-10-06 15:50

While I want to use other languages for programming web applications, I tend to use either java or c# using either hibernate or entity framework.

10 2019-10-06 17:08

Test to see

11 2019-11-03 03:38


12 2019-11-03 17:28


13 2019-11-05 21:30

Why does Scala for Android suck?



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