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The curve of her breasts drove her mad. As her lover sprawled out across the bed, her hair splashing over the pillow like a dark, lifeless sea, she could appreciate nothing more than the sheer beauty that was Alyssa. Eva smiled softly before leaning over her classmate's body and gently brushing her warm lips across her collarbones. The skin she tasted was soft and always sweet. Yet as much as this spot's attentions made Alyssa moan in delight, it wasn't nearly as delicious as other places on the girl's body. Eva hungered for them, more now than she usually did. The ache for Alyssa was always there, of course. Ever since she'd had her first taste, Eva was addicted. It was something at the forefront of her mind, like an itch she couldn't scratch. Meeting her in the Computer Lounge would sate her desires, but never for long enough.

Alyssa's eyes fluttered closed, cherishing the feeling of Eva's smooth lips dancing over her. She could feel her skin ablaze with heat even though she was lying naked on the bed during wintertime. In her own room she would be freezing, no matter how she were dressed and burrowed underneath the covers. Eva was enough to incite a raging fire within her, one that roared when she was close, and had kindled embers when she wasn't near.

Her lips trailed over Alyssa's skin, tongue daring to flick gently every so often. Further down she went, past the collarbones, over the plain, and to the gentle peaks she sought. Eva gave a delighted gasp, cupping her lover's breasts gently in her hands. Alyssa moaned appreciatively, locking a loving gaze with Eva before the latter closed her eyes and wrapped her lips softly around her nipple. She sucked softly, shivering with delight at the sweetness she tasted in her mouth. There was only one other place on Alyssa's body which tasted more blissful than what she was cradling with her tongue now.

Moaning, Alyssa arched her back a little. Short gasps escaped her lips as she ran her fingers through Eva's hair, daring to wrap her fingers around a few strands and give an appreciative pull. Eva moaned in reply, sending beautiful vibrations through Alyssa. Her tongue moved so fast that Alyssa felt a dizziness spreading over her. "Eva..." Alyssa called in a heavy whisper.

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Eva looked up, smiling at the sound of her lover's calls. "Alyssa..." She returned, before making a long, warm trail down the girl's stomach with her soft tongue. Eva could feel Alyssa shivering with delight as she went lower, heading towards what each of them desired now more than all else. Taking each of her thighs gently in her hands, Eva parted Alyssa's legs, smiling appreciatively at what she saw. The brown thatch of hair that drove her wild with hunger... and what lay beneath it.

The pair took their places silently, Eva kneeling on the floor gratefully, Alyssa laying on the edge of the bed before her. With only a look between them to prepare her, Eva leaned close and began to softly flick her tongue across that which haunted her every moment. In response, Alyssa arched her back, moaning softly at first, until Eva's tongue quickened its pace. The heat was rising within her, like waves. It was slow at first, until it became so prominent that Alyssa writhed and began clawing at the sheets behind her. Eva's eyes wandered up over Alyssa's body, seeing her breasts gently swaying while she called out to her, moaning her name amongst incomprehensible sounds of delight. Alyssa's gasps were growing more urgent, letting Eva know her lover was about to come.

Alyssa felt the warmth inside her building, causing her to clutch the sheets within her hands with all her might. As she was overtaken, Eva still licking her warmest, softest spot with feverish delight, Alyssa let out a scream of release, hips jerking. Eva's eyes flashed as she was greeted with the nectar that she could never drink enough of. It was sweet and blissfully tart all at the same time. Eva drank until there was no more. Alyssa went limp, body continuing to spasm delightfully. She closed her eyes, unable to move. From beside her, Eva crawled up onto the bed and took her body in her arms. The warmth between them made both the girls smile.

"I love you, Alyssa..." Eva whispered, wrapping her arms around Alyssa and pulling her as close to her body as she could.

"I love you too, Eva..." Alyssa breathed in reply before giving a soft smile of contentment and snuggling close.

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It's crazy how much work people put into this.

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how much work

The fic is less than five thousand characters. The Scheme code for this site is over a quarter of a million.

$ wget -O 28.html ''
$ sed -r -e 'H;$!d;x; s#^.*(\[1/2\].*snuggling close\.).*$#\1#' 28.html | wc
     12     779    4629
$ cd schemebbs
$ expr $(find . -name '*.scm' -printf '%s ' | sed -r -e 's/( [[:digit:]])/ +\1/g')
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hola estoy probando esta madre

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very hot

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Thanks it's pretty cool!



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