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A future for Free Software?

81 2020-12-29 08:08


The GNU project believes in the community working together by choice to maintain complex systems.

This obviously has issues, if only because of corporate subversion. If software strives to be as simple as possible, there won't be such maintainance issues. There are GNU programs with more files than I've ever written lines of code.

Unix was never good. It was always a castrated Multics built by idiots. Plan 9 also sucks.

I think Urbit is stupid, but at least it's doing something different than ``True Unix has never been tried.'' like Plan 9. The systems we use are rotten from the hardware up. The firmware probes the hardware to be probed by the operating system to be probed by programs. Only by becoming more crystalline and mathematical, and not how Urbit proposes, will software become worth a damn.



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