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SchemeBBS [part 2]

1 2020-06-18 04:00

Let's keep the questions about installation and code reviews in one thread.
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Thanks a lot, I will probably add these worthwhile optimizations. I was thinking about changing the redirection to an absolute path too because, sadly, patching http-syntax.scm has been an exceedingly high barrier entry for many persons who have shown their interest. Updating that file (and the broken httpio.scm) to follow the new RFC might still be possible in future releases of MIT Scheme 10, but I have only recently tried porting SchemeBBS to the newer version. (The 10.1.10 dist you could download from the official site was broken for a year, I've just noticed it's been replaced by 10.1.11, 2020/06/04)

I have a cute idea for some really fun and unique feature that should be very easy to implement but no spoiler.



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