Retrogaming gems

1 名無しさん 2020-05-27 15:45

I like Masashi Tanaka's manga Gon (ゴン). There has been a video game adaptation for the Super Famicom and it's exactly the same atmosphere than in the manga. There's no dialog at all, you are a small and pissed off dinosaur jerking around in the jungle, headbutting random animals and that's about it.

2 名無しさん 2020-05-28 03:02

Thanks for reminding me that Gon exists. I used to go to the library and read it there, a loooong time ago. Gotta go reread it now...

Anyway, the Asenheim Project seems like a nice place to get started with 90s VNs, though I've not had the time to properly check it out yet:

3 名無しさん 2020-05-28 08:04

Thanks for bringing Gon to my awareness.


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